links to fellow artists

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Bogumil Bulzacki, Canada : an interesting Polish-born artist who likes to interchange from figurative to abstraction with vigour.

Jazz Green, U.K : an artist with character, abstract textural explorations into the rich patina of time, of decay and erosion, from farming landscapes to the coastline, industrial buildings to the old walls of abandoned ruins...

Bill Gingles, United States : go visit this fascinating artist, his abstract, semi-abstract/figurative paintings with earth colours, blended with warm range of greys and texture of ancient cave-walls.

Harry Gruenert, United States : a german abstract artist living and working in the USA, visit and see his use of colour, his effective simple imposing Rothko-like compositions.

Hinoma Hiroko, Japan : simple or complicated, lyrical poetic compositions from this japanese friend. a latent passion runs through his work, continuing the great tradition of his country. A must!

Marilyn Kirsch, United States : a lively artist Marilyn, shows the visitor the passionate and dynamic painting brush-stroke gesture of her works, her blue-greys in some of her etchings are a feast.

Marco Roascio, Italy : an artist with a constructivist orientation and indian-American influences in his paintings. See his painted pebbles and solid sculpture too.

Anne Stahl, Eire : an artist engagèe with social awareness, an enormous range of work shows her talent through abstract landscapes, photos, and more. A very informative site too. A pleasure to see artists like Anne.

Matteo Soltanto, Italy : a precise and elegant site. Matteo has created a world apart. His passionate and hawnting portraits covering the canvas, his oil figurations and, the extrermely interesting installations, while revealing his particular character. A revelation.

Michael Welch, United States : a hyperrealistic view of reality, raw reality, yes. Portraits and scenes of violence, are punch to our consciouness, and that is not all, his totally abstract paintings show another side of Michael. go on, he will reward your curiosity.



Stratos Fountoulis