Born Kalymnos Island, Greece 1954.

Raised in South Africa.

Since 1991 living and working in Brussels, Belgium.


Private drawing lessons at the age of 11 with Miss Collins, South Africa.

Studied Graphic & Creative Arts at the Doxiades School of Applied Arts, Athens, Gr.

Employed at EMI Greece, in the Classical Music Dept. for 12 consecutive years.

Worked in the Media as a Graphic Artist.

Ceramics as a freelance professional.

Hand-painting of posters for the Cinema regularly for many years.

Bookcover designer on a regular basis, no more now.

His poetry and poetic passages published in various literature magazines

over 90 solo and group shows

solo shows (a selection)

1984 : Cult. Center Zografou, Ath. Gr.

1985 : Dada Gallery, Athens, Gr.

1988 : Dada Gallery, Athens, Gr.

1990 : To Trito Mati Gall. Athens, Gr.

1992 : De Witte Beer Gallery, Bruges, Belgium.

1994 : KaYa Gallery, Brussels, B.

1994 : Vermeulen Gallery, Loosdrecht, Amsterdam, NL.

1994 : De Compagnie Gall. Dordrecht, NL.

1998 : Art Forum Gall. Antwerp, B.

1999 : Art Forum Gall. Antwerp, B.

2000 : Art Forum Gall. Antwerp, B.

2002/3 : Viviana Grandi Gallery, Brussels, B.

2004 : Art Forum Gall. Antwerp, B.

2004 : Gall. Theorema, Brussels, B.

2005 : Gall. t' Boothuisje, Oostende, B.

group shows (a selection)

1986 : 1st Salon of Emerging Artists. Epipeda Gallery Ath. Gr.

........: Alexisfero Art Magazine, Dada Gall. Ath. Gr.

1987 : European Year of Environment, Aeolos Gallery, Ath.Gr.

........: Portraits, Dada Gallery, Ath. Gr.

........: Greek & Italian artists, Gallery La Sponda, Rome. It.

1988 : Trends-Propositions, Skoufa Gallery, Ath. Gr.

........: Ode to Summer, "F" Gallery. Ath. Gr.

........: Ariel Gallery, Soho, New York, NYC. US.

1989 : Antinor Gallery, Ath. Gr.

........: Athens Summer Salon, Titanium Gallery, Ath. Gr.

1990 : 4 Artists, To Trito Mati Gallery, Ath. Gr.

1992 : Athena Art Gallery, Kortrijk, Belgium.

1993 : De Witte Beer Gallery, Bruges, Belg.

1994 : De Compagnie Gallery, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

1995 : "De Kus" De Witte Beer Gallery, Bruges, Belg.

1996 : "Klein" De Witte Beer Gallery, Bruges, Belg.

1997 : Art Forum Gallery, Antwerp, Belg.

2000 : De Compagnie Gallery, Dordrecht, NL.

2002 : Art Forum Gallery, Antwerp, Belg.

2003 : "Griekenland in Antwerpen" Infopunt Europa, Bernardscentrum, Antwerp, Belg.

2003 : Artistes pour Amnesty, Amnesty Intl. Maison Pelgrim, Brussels, Belg.

2004 : Group show and opening, Theorema Art Gallery, Brussels, Belg.

Reviews, Critical notes since 1982 (a selection)

Greek Media

The Athenian, Athinorama, Tachydromos, Ethnos, Kai, Mia, Alexisfero, Greece's Weekly, To Vima, To Tetarto, Eleftherotypia, Athens News, Kathimerini, 7 Meres TV, Kefalaio, Decor & Architecture in Greece, Vradyni, Ta Nea, Apogevmatini, Eikastika, 9,84 Athens Radio, e.a.

Belgian, French,Dutch, and International Media

Brugsche Handelsblad, Arts Antiques Auction, Nieuw Rand Express, Knak, La Semaine d' Anvers, Galerie Gids NL, L'Annuel de l'Art de belgique, De Nieuws, Le Soir, RTBF Radio Une, Kiosque, Flash Art Diary e.a.


C. Ioannidis, Athens National Pinacotheque

Dictionary of Greek Artists, publ. Melissa vol 4.


Architecture & Deco 1985

Alexisfero Poetry Collection

A Retrospective view. Publ. Xenon

Samples of Athanor series. Own publ.

The Athanor Series of Paintings 2002-2004, Pathos Editions.

Opus Dei? Tome 1 - Pathos Editions, Bruxelles.

Private, Public & Corporate Collections in:

Greece, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, United States.

Internet Presence

Owner/desiger of : This Official WebSite

Owner/Desiger/Editor of Stachtes Literary e-zine


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