Command dial nikon not working

Posted on 10.07.2018 by Oda
I honestly hope that in my years upon years of shooting Nikon that I've never realized there was an option to lock the dials. I have tried to switch the controll of shutter speed and aperature, but it is the same problem. If you have not already done so, try resetting your camera. Just suddenly can't adjust the aperture or the f stop using the adjustment wheel while in M or A mode.

But I'm pretty sure there isn't.

In fact, the adjustment wheel doesn't work for any purpose. How do I grip a cricket ball for outswing and inswing. So shift the combinations of aperture and exposure time.

Does anyone know how to fix this.

Command dial nikon not working
This problem affects everything the main command dial controls. I have tried to turn off the camera, removed the battery, removed the lens, removed the memory chip. Choose a combination of aperture and shutter speed mode. Need to know how to Clean or Change the Command Dial, and the way. It features a replaceable Nikon F-mount lens. Learn here how to tighten your abdominal skin.