Dash light not working after installing stereo

Posted on 25.06.2018 by Miyoko
I checked my fuses, and one was blown. Just curious how to approach this. So i replaced it, and shortly after pulling the knob that too popped. The car has an aftermarket stereo and I checked the ground, looks like it's spliced onto a brown wire in the console.
Dash light not working after installing stereo — photo 1
I'm hoping some of you guys can help me. I did that, and the larger fuse is alright, but the light still doesnt turn on. A few weeks ago, my stereo started cutting in and out and sounded like it was shorting out the speakers and it would just shut off by itself. I read somewhere it might be a big ACC fuse under the hood. Dash lights quit working after cd install. Fog Lights, Tail light and Dash Lights not working.
Dash light not working after installing stereo — photo 2
I've had the same stereo installed for quite a while now using the quick connect connector for my HU. Anyone ever run into this before. This page aims to describe how to set up SlickEdit for optimal hacking experience of OpenOffice. I gave my car to one of the mechanic and he could'nt figure it out as well. So, to fix that problem I cut and spliced each of the wires yesterday afternoon.