Final fantasy 13-2 how to fight odin

Posted on 15.04.2019 by Cole
Before he turns into a monster crystal, players must face and defeat him two times in two different time periods. In order to add Odin as a party member, youll need to defeat him twice in two different time lines. His role in combat is mostly as a distraction, as he can do little more than peck. In his first power level, he can run at full speed but cannot hover.

First off before you head down to the bridge where you face odin you need to use two shrouds Aegisol and Fortisol.

Final fantasy 13-2 how to fight odin
This is a quick guide on how to beat the Shiva sisters. How do I beat Cid Raines Easily Any Useful Tips On How To Beat Him Really Fast. If you do not have the shrouds the you will need to make a paradigm with lightening as a medic and hope as a synergist known as symbiosis and set it as your default.
Lightning when she summons Odin. Odin has three modes of health determined by how many healthy items he has been fed since his maiming. After more recovery items are applied, he gains the power to hover, allowing Lightning to reach far-off ledges.