How to block games on facebook 2013

Posted on 19.10.2018 by Avis
Facebook doesn't make it real obvious, but you can block those annoying game invites. Com In this video Technology Trainer Juanita McDowell teaches you how to block games and other applications on Facebook. If what youre seeing when logging in to Facebook is similar to the screenshot below, then some serious measures are in order Im the invite spammer in this case, but you get the picture.
Reviewing and Blocking Your Invites. Facebook friends dont have evil intentions when they invite you to play games, or maybe they do. Here Steps to block game requests on facebook.

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If you're drowning in Facebook game requests, there are a couple of different. How To Block Facebook Game Invites. Either way, if you want to block them heres how. And it is considered as the much better option because in future you will not receive any stupid game requests from a particular person. However, there is a way to get rid of them the game requests, not said friends.