How to reduce iphone battery life

Posted on 19.07.2018 by Kirby
Battery life is the amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged. You can only reduce an app's on screen battery usage by reducing the amount of time you use the app. Not getting the battery life you expect on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. In our iPhone we run multiple Apps at same time.
How to reduce iphone battery life — photo 2
Move the slider to green color. Always keep this section inactive. In other words, don't open it and it won't be on screen. Using the phone on LTE network in poor coverage areas reduces battery life. But this method reduces the battery life of the iPhone.
How to reduce iphone battery life
Need to squeeze more battery life out of your iPhone. How to Preserve iPhone or Android Phones Battery Life. To disable this option, go to the Privacy section in the phones Settings and in the Analystics section, turn off Share iPhone Analystics item. If you are in a poor network coverage area, youd better disconnect network to the battery will drain slower. Getting to the Candy Bomb should be your major priority. How to See Your iPhone Battery Life as a Percentage. Find out which apps are to blame.