How to set lines of scrollback in putty permanently

Posted on 23.06.2018 by Marth
Its light-weight with a single putty. By default, PuTTY does not retain very many lines of scrollback output in the terminal window. It becomes annoying when running programs having lots of input you might need to scroll through and review.
How to set lines of scrollback in putty permanently — photo 2
Select Window and you will see the option to control the PuTTY windows on the right panel. I'm running Putty on Windows and can't find an option to increase the size of the scrollback buffer. Theres a way to fix this and other defaults. PuTTY or one of its forks is a standard tool for administering Unix and Linux machines from Windows. Set PuTTY defaults, permanently. I want to update my url shortener site - but if the user links to a facebook page I want to just return a fb. Because your home is used a collateral, you risk losing it if you fail to make payments.
Am not able to make change in font size permanently. At a recent Cisco ASA training workshop, one of the students asked how to increase the buffer size in PuTTY so he could see more output history. How can i set default domain name in PuTTy. Increase the value for the Lines of scrollback.