How to shutdown computers on your network access denied

Posted on 21.10.2018 by Teisha
I recently discovered the Windows command line shortcut to shut down a remote computer in a local network - how exciting, a whole new way to be lazy. If you are using Windows, you'll need to set the remote computer to be able to shut. It is applicable as long as the computers are connected to the same. Thus, you can use this easily in your schools, colleges, or offices.

Add the computers on your network, et the display timing and enter the shutdown comment.

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If you have any problems in this remote shutdown hack, please mention it in comments. This is little bit of windows hacking when you say you want to shutdown a remote computer on your LAN network, if you are doing it for FUN then its ok. How to Remotely Shutdown a Computer. But what if I have added files. Another concern is that when I type net view it comes up with There are no entries in the list.

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I'm on an account with admin rights i'm not on admin accou. Both computers are mine and I should be able to do this but it just wont work and I can't find anything else to turn on so I'm asking here. Unboxing mediacenter Xtreamer Si. How can I get this working again. It explodes because of compressed gas in the bottle. The solution works for shutdown. Create a French Movie Poster in Adobe InDesign.