How to use pivot table in vlookup

Posted on 13.07.2018 by Sibyl
See how easy and useful vlookups are. Post-calculation I do NOT have the raw data, just a number that needs to be displayed. Delete A Pivot Table but Not The Data Or Format - Excel. Getting Rid Of blank In Pivot Table - Excel.

Vlookup To Return Max Value From Multiple Hits - Excel.

Unfortunately, every time I do it I get the result NA. If so, is there any special syntax I need to use. In Power Pivot, remember that you're working with a relational data model. At least I can abandon the vlookup. Unable To Create Pivot Table In Existing Worksheet - Excel.
How to use pivot table in vlookup
It has a ton of great features, and here are some of the highlights of Power Pivot. There are a number of cases in Power Pivot in which you might want to lookup values in another table as part of a calculationsuch as a calculated column or measure. Pre-calculation I have the raw data and the pivot table performs the calculations for me. Quickly create relationships between data tables, similar to a database.