Setting windmill on fire dark souls 2

Posted on 26.06.2018 by Isaiah
You can follow a small ledge to reach the windmill's shaft--and if you use a torch to catch it on fire, there's no more poison. Once there, alternate lighting your torch, equip your weapon, light torch again until they catch on. Walk over to the windmill and us the Point gesture for where they need to go.

Once that is done move up the small stairs and go through the fog door to find the second Bonfire.

Low equip burden is recommended for mobility. There are a couple of ways that you can get to The Old Sinner. Devotee Scarlett's summon sign is a few steps behind the Warden. Throw on a ring of life protection if you care about the souls on you. At the end of the hallway ahead, go right and interact with the wall on the right.

Fire resistance ring fire resistance gear flash sweat pyromancy high hp.

If yes, then switching towards Prepaid Electricity would be an ideal solution. This article was compiled with help from Prima Games. To the right from the hallway, go through a fog gate to find the Central Bonfire.