Things to look at when you re high

Posted on 10.07.2018 by Admin
If youve caught yourself gazing at the most strange objects while high, youre not alone. Remember when your mom used to cut your sandwiches just the way you liked them. After seeing this beauty, youre probably wishing you would have requested a puzzle piece sandwich back then.
This list will have something to satisfy all the aspects to being high, from the munchies to pleasing the five senses. Welcome to the first step of reaching euphoria. When you take a look at this list, youll definitely feel the urge to do them all if the ganja has taken effect within you. You can change this preference below. Not to mention, it will keep you occupied for hours. Bonus points will be awarded for the most ridiculous euphemism. Whether youre going to a live show or on a YouTube tirade, theres always someone funnier or more miserable than you, willing to get up on stage to try and make you laugh.
Things to look at when you re high — photo 2
But to point out a few of the best, here are ten things to stare at when youre baked. Everything looks good when youre high. Whether you will be able to get up and do them depends on how strong your herb is and how much youve inhaled. Just look at all of those colors. Not only is it perfectly shaped, but its color is also bright and red. Can you imagine holding it while high.