Who does the des moines register endorse

Posted on 07.07.2018 by Kristina
Does the same pattern hold for another key early-state newspaper, The Des Moines Register, which last night endorsed Mitt Romney. Rebuilding the economy is the nation's top priority, and Romney makes the best case among the Republicans that he could do that, it wrote. He stands out in the current field of Republican candidates. Iowa man admits throwing gas on stepson who died.

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Those are qualities Mitt Romney said he looks for in a leader. A separate edition of the Register is sold throughout much of Iowa. But that does not say anything about the people of Iowa or Des Moines. It was a 'personal call' to the Register's publisher and editor, we were told.
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A Lot of Democrats, Apparently. There is a reason most people here no longer read the paper. Obama pushed hard to get the Registers endorsement, but his weird initial demand to keep his final phone interview with the editorial board off the record seems to have irked them, and rightly so.