Why two basketball teams in la

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The Bobcats are actually pretty unpopular. Of course it's not that weird to have a major city have two teams in the same league. Influence Kobe Bryant followed in the footsteps of Michael Jordan, but he was also a maverick -- a brilliant, driven talent who made his own path and got tens of millions of fans to follow. Also, Los Angeles is a large enough market that it can support two NBA teams and is doing so rather easily, as both the Lakers and the Clippers are doing well in LA.

LA is a big city- New York has two baseball teams and two football teams.

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Harden Up Improves maximum shields. The most popular team in North Carolina would be the college basketball team, UNC Tarheels. Why does Los Angeles have two baseball teams and two basketball teams. Why does LA have two NBA teams. The Zen Master led two of the greatest NBA dynasties ever. It's not unprecedented of course, but it's a clear violation of the notion that a team belong to particular geographic group.

Who is the larger of two forwards on a basketball team.

Why two basketball teams in la
But I'd agree with you if you said it was weird to have the two teams share the same stadium which they do now at the Staples Center. They consistently win every year and is always a title contender. I hate wearing jeans in the summer. And why doesn't Seattle try to get one of those teams if they want one back in their city. The North Carolina Tarheels is the most popular team in North Carolina. But it's really up to the owners and they can move the team wherever they want, and many of them choose to play in big-market cities. Soak the wadding until almost full and replace lighter reservoir in outer case.