How to check your iphone for water damage

Posted on 27.06.2018 by Daryl
If you have a case on the phone, it may have gotten water into the headphone port, charging port or speakers. For iPhones, there are multiple water damage indicators. I see several people in my office each week that purchased used iPhones that mysteriously quit working after a few days. You can google to find what color should show at a certain location to show water damage.
For many phones it is behind the battery or within the slot where the battery stays. Our products shape modern viscosity measurement. You can learn this trick easily. Check into replacement options.

Water damage is not covered by AppleCare, but you may be able to get a replacement from your carrier.

How to Check for iPhone Water Damage. Adding to a Word document puts you at risk of How Do I Get the Little. Did you think of checking whether your iPhone suffered water damage. There's a good chance, however, that you'll need to get a replacement, especially if the water has sat for some time. If an iPhone has been fully submerged, within the headset dock you will see the indicator turn pink or red. If the iPhone has been submerged in liquid, or has liquid damage, this circular indicator would be triggered and colored red or pink.