How to make brown sugar

Posted on 28.06.2018 by Maricruz
Why did no one tell me how dang easy it is to make my own brown sugar. One item I always seem to be out of is brown sugar. Store in an air-tight container for months.
How to make brown sugar
This is just too good and Im just dorky enough to freak out at this kind of thing. Once you've made your own brown sugar, learn how to store it and soften it if it becomes a little hard. A little extra to make it dark brown sugar. You will see, feel and smell a big difference between the Light and Dark Brown Sugar.
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Why did you choose a military career. The dark has an even richer, deeper caramel flavor. B Most people are not connected to any government research team. If you've run out of brown sugar while you're in the middle of baking something, you probably can't just run to the store. To prevent this add a slice of white bread in the container and that will keep the sugar dry and fine.