How to send message on mobile in c#

Posted on 19.06.2018 by Admin
StreamReader reader new StreamReaders. Java Code to send SMS from my Web Application to any Mobile in India. I just need to know the functions name which will help me send AT commands thats all and i'll do the rest. WebClient client new WebClient.
Gorunuste her sey son derece normal. If i could find any improvement with coding, i'll post it.

I am developing a application in ASP.

How to send message on mobile in c#
To do so, how to send message on mobile in c#, simple drag the websites favicon right in front of the url link in the browser link bar and drop it down to the taskbar. Of course, if you would've rather skipped installing the app, then the update, you could've used iTunes. I need to know how do i send these AT commands to my mobile with. Now we need to create web request to send SMS using C code. The C Basics beginner course is a free C Tutorial Series that helps beginning programmers learn the basics.