Neptune is known as what type of planet

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Can Neptune Sustain Human Life. Due to its blue coloration, Neptune was named after the Roman god of the Sea. Like Earth, Neptune has a rocky core, but it has a much thicker atmosphere that prohibits the existence of life as we know it. Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.

Triton is in a retrograde orbit, which leads scientists to a mysterious Neptune fact.

Neptune is known as what type of planet — photo 2
It was the first planet to get its existence predicted by mathematical calculations before it was actually seen through a telescope on Sept. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Neptune is our solar system's windiest world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Neptune is a gas giant and an outer planet. Exe for the Steam release they may not work.
Neptune is known as what type of planet
This type of storm system, which is much smaller than the Dark Spots, also appears to be short-lived. Another striking feature of Neptune is its supersonic winds.