Season finale how i met your mother 9

Posted on 04.02.2019 by Rosalinda
Ted finally finishes the story of how he met his children's mother on part two of the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Latest How I Met Your Mother Episodes. How I Met Your Mother fans will take solace in the fact that when Ted finally did meet the mother of his children, it was sweet, well-written and well-acted moment.

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And we have to admit, it truly was legendary. It's the final season of the series. The gang tries to help him get over the hangover by finding the correct ingredients. And once youre in, youre in for life, Lily said. And while the Canadian beauty is at the bar, Lily threatens the boys that whoever decides theyre going to hook up with Robin has to marry her. Deadline reports that most of the cast of How I Met Your Mother was eager to come back for season nine, but star Jason Segel wasnt as keen on the idea as his castmates.
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