What does ignore on tumblr mean

Posted on 13.04.2019 by Melynda
Generally speaking, listen to gut instincts. You can change this setting at any time by clicking the Stop Ignoring button next to the username. Knowing what the ignore feature does on Tumblr enables you to use it effectively and keep your blog free of unwanted guests. What Does Friend Suggestion on Facebook Mean.

How to Delete Mail From a Mozilla Thunderbird.

Hope I didn't offend with a possible PG pregnant or pregnancy. He just stop answering me suddenly, so should I text him again, what does ignore on tumblr mean. But it never hurts to question things a bit further, casually, and see if what they say holds up or if the story starts to fall apart. You can ignore a Tumblr account by adding the username to your Ignored Users list at tumblr. Tumblr does not tell users that you have ignored them. The user is ignored immediately.
What does ignore on tumblr mean
Theyre right more often than not. What Does Marking Something as Spam Do on Facebook. I care for this person a lot and I'm fairly sure they don't mean any harm but I'm not comfortable completely ignoring my gut. It's where your interests connect you with your people. I dont know your friend, so I cant give specific advice very well. Enter the username or URL in the Ignored Users field and click Ignore. - Keep your results out of their tag.