What resulted from the seminole war of 1818

Posted on 09.07.2018 by Holli
Collectively, these battles came to be known as the First Seminole War. That same day Osceola also killed Thompson. With this force, he pursued the Seminoles eastward, destroying their villages along the way.
How to Make Roasted Potatoes with Brussels Sprouts and Bacon. The response was extraordinary, and to this day were still amazed by how warmly our coffeeshops have been embraced by millions of people around the world. With his easy victory over the Seminoles, Jackson decided to keep fighting. He also had heard reports of Indians murdering whites in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Image from the Florida State Archives.
What resulted from the seminole war of 1818 — photo 1
Upon losing the war, all but about one quarter of the Seminoles were relocated. After that battle the Mikasuki retreated eastward. Florida Becomes a United States Territory. Military forces invaded the area, scattering the villagers, burning their towns, and seizing Spanish-held Pensacola and St. As a result, the job of Wiley Thompson, the newly appointed Indian Agent at Silver Springs, became very difficult.