Dehydration in children when to call the doctor

Posted on 19.06.2018 by Cliff
Call if your child is dehydrated. Read about diarrhea for more tips. Mild Dehydration Symptoms in Children.
Keep track of how much a sick child is drinking and urinating. And please Trim your nose hair, too. To get started, we recommend picking the goal worksheet that matches your level of experience and who else you plan on getting involved in the goal setting process. So, keep a close eye on your child and call your doctor if the symptoms persist. Dehydration is often a result of gastrointestinal disease and diarrhea in children. Sunken soft spot on the front of the head in babies called the fontanel. Children experience these complications much more quickly than adults do.

The signs and symptoms of dehydration in newborns and infants.

It is important to try to hydrate your child with clear liquids slowly but consistently when they are sick see above. When should I call the doctor if my child is dehydrated. Dry or sticky mucous membranes the lining of the mouth or tongue. If you have questions about the stomach flu, call your doctor. Call your doctor immediately if your child is dehydrated. Even when healthy, encourage your baby or small child to drink water on a daily basis. Do not wait for signs of dehydration to begin fluid replacement.