How do spotted hyenas protect themselves

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They must separate one from the group. How do hyenas protect themselves. In other words, the hyena doesn't protect itself--there is nothing it needs to be protected from.
Living in herds brings security in that predators will not charge into a group of prey. Apart from this, hyenas can run very fast for very long distance, and strength of their jaws is like a crocodile. If you mean spotted hyaenas, they have a bite which can shatter the thighbone of an ox in one crunch. What Are the Predators of the Spotted Hyena. When it was first implemented the depositor could simply put their ID up against the window and the teller would accept it.

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How do snakes protect themselves from predators when sleeping. Hyenas normally travels in small hunting groups to protect themselves, Lions are the only enemies of Hyenas. How Do Fish Protect Themselves. Hyenas are tough enough to survive multiple attacks. Com Categories Animal Life Mammals Land Mammals Hyenas How do hyenas protect themselves.