How to get pvp gear in aion

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Eldon
You can find the PvP gear vendors in Stormwinds Old Town district. Arenas are small scale, very controlled and balanced PvP. In Orgrimmar, the PvP gear vendors are in the Hall of Legends, in the Valley of Spir.
I'm doing a bit of a refactor as part of supporting. When u farm only the mobs who spawning the Ancient Kibrium then u. Anyone know how some people are obtaining the new Gladiator set without doing any rated games.
How to get pvp gear in aion — photo 1
Which PVE sets should I aim for. If you like video and want to see more subscribe to my channel and leave a comment what you think, also don't forget about like as. You can also get strife gear from Blood Mark quests see more here which is basically the beginner set. Best gear in pvp is the highest ilvl gear and at this moment fastest way to get that is to farm Nether shards. Work towards both these sets at the same time.