What occurs during cytokinesis of mitosis

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Mitosis can occur without cytokinesis. Describe what happens during cytokinesis in animal cells. First, the mitotic apparatus forms during the prophase. During prometaphase, chromosomes attach to the spindle.
If a cell skipped metaphase during mitosis, how might this affect the two daughter cells. Finally, the reformation of nucleus occurs during the telophase. Cytokinesis is the final stage of eukaryotic cell division. It occurs differently in animal left and plant right cells. What happens during prophase of mitosis. Firstly weights are often not whole.
What are the stages of the cell cycle. Each chromosome in a prophase cell consists of two sister chromatids attached to one centromere. Can you describe what happens in each phase. During interphase, a cell is doing all of its usual cellular tasks. People just learning how to make homemade soap, easy or comple.