Who owns scranton lace company

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I also agree with an above poster about how amazing it would be to start this factory again and make quality products, unlike the junk we have now. I feel empathy for those who live nearby and who once worked here. A surprising amount of history remains in the Scranton Lace Company factory.

The people of Scranton changed the name of their town to honor the Scranton family who had founded Lackawanna Steel.

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Who owns scranton lace company
After all, they are tearing down a piece of Scranton history and a piece of the personal histories of many who stopped to watch Scranton Lace come down. The Scranton Lace Company facility is in a relatively isolated location surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Scranton continued to grow though as a commercial center for the surrounding mining region and as an industrial center. Longitudinal study goes on for a longer period.