Aisa mijeno an entrepreneur from the philippines who invented a lamp that runs on saltwater

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Bruce
It is a compact, portable lamp that doesnt require any electricity, batteries or kerosene for light. She'll have to explain the physics around this thing. In a simple car battery, two metal electrodes are dipped into an electrolyte solution.
In response to a question from Mr. And all you need to do is you just have to replenish the saltwater solution, she said, and then you have another eight hours of lighting. All you need is a few strips of metal and salt water, and you will have this bright lamp that can run for eight hours. Its environmentally friendly, cost effective, and easy to operate.
They either have to make fire or walk for hours to the nearest town to buy fuel for their lamps. Aisa is an entrepreneur here in the Philippines who launched a start-up around a brilliant idea, which is selling lamps that run on nothing more than saltwater. But he's not just the founder of Alibaba, a giant in e-commerce.