Friends who throw you under the bus

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Caroline
Why do we sometimes throw people under the bus. The person you throw under the bus is usually not an open enemy. But they have done such a big mistake that they risk dragging you or others down with them.

It is typically used to describe a self-defensive disavowal and severance of a previously-friendly relationship when the relationship becomes controversial or unpopular or inconvenient.

To sacrifice some other person, usually one who is undeserving or at least vulnerable, to make personal gain. Knowing such will help ensure that you know exactly how you can preserve its condition and make it look new even after several years of using it. Thrown under the bus by work friends on the daily. My foundation and friend did some bad stuff and tried to throw me under the bus with him.
Friends who throw you under the bus
This is not that level of tragedy. Okay, first off, throwing Derek under the bus, nicely done. To quote Steve McQueen in a famous picture, after being thrown in a rodeo, Happens every day, dude.