How to build a simple castle in minecraft part 1

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Dia
Do you have way too much cobblestone. Many real castles will have layouts available online, potentially as part of their tourism information. Once you think that your plan is complete, reproduce the plan on Minecraft in life-size, to a scale you like.
Try building walls diagonally to avoid making square or rectangular castles. For more information, see Learn more about Conversational view. How many rooms can I fit into a castle in Minecraft.

Simply search Minecraft castle blueprints in Google Images to see a large number of layouts you can copy or use as a starting point.

How to build a simple castle in minecraft part 1
You can use these layouts as a guide when designing your own castle. These tanks are not to be overstocked as this may overw. In this Minecraft series I will. In this Project Minecraft series, I'll be teaching you how to turn a chest of cobblestone into an awesome castle.