How to crimp your hair with braids overnight

Posted on 21.06.2018 by Wendie
For a crimped look, braid each section, and make sure each is sector is kept in place with a sturdy ponytail clip or with bobby pins. Leave the twirls on as you sleep for the best look. Once all the hairs get braided, go to bed and take a sound sleep as the next morning you would look little extra gorgeous with your new look.

Tightly crimped braids can give afro style curls if you seek one.

How to crimp your hair with braids overnight — photo 1
Crimped hair, that can be also sometimes called zig-zag or crinkled hair, is one of the newest trends in the world of beauty industry. Style your hair using braids, curling rods, or a headband at night to have well-styled curls by morning. Dolphins jump to get rid of parasites. It will ask you for Skype username and then password at the bottom of the page.
How to crimp your hair with braids overnight — photo 2
Every girl should know the tricks of the trade to getting an easy wavy hairstyle. To get great crimps and avoid damaging your follicles with heat, try an overnight style that crimps your hair by the time you wake. Once you wake up, start opening the braids one by one without brushing the hairs. Again, keep them in place with a ponytail clip. If you want laidback curly hair, you need to divide your hair into four sections.