Install gdebi

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Adelle
GDebi is a simple GUI tool written in Python, with which you can install local deb packages while resolving and installing its dependencies. Note that, on the Ubuntu desktop, you need to install the gdebi package if you want GDebi GUI. In this post, we shall see how to install GDebi and use it as the default installer instead of the Ubuntu Software Center. To set this as default Debian package installer, just right-click on any deb package available on your Linux computer and select Properties option.
How to set GDebi as Default Deb Package Installer. Use GDebi package installer on Ubuntu Linux for installing deb files. The default Software Center is not very good at handling dependencies with the DEB packages.
As against soft speech yelling gets us quick result, install gdebi. Making a long-sleeved shirt into a short-sleeved shirt is a very basic pattern modification, but there is a neat trick to making your sleeve hems behave. The best thing about GDebi is that it also shows the dependencies that will be installed along with the desired program.