Per connection round-robin

Posted on 10.07.2018 by Admin
One such algorithm is the Weighted Round Robin. We can speak of round robin forwarding that is when multiple paths exist to reach a destination and per packet load balancing is used. Weighted Round Robin and Weighted Least Connections.
Set a threshold value for the monitors bound to a service. Poor streaming performance on link with good bandwidth. Using Round Robin does not keep the load distribution equal to all of your servers It doesn't care.
Think about what you are going to sell. I could not find where this is overridden in JMeter. In situations like this, the Least Connections algorithm would be a better fit. Wanna know whats your hidden element, per connection round-robin. Set a limit on number of requests per connection to the server. A server deemed to be twice as powerful as another server receives about twice as many connections per second. Theoretically round robin WAN load-balancing on a sonicwall should be per-connection, so once you go to your bank, the connection should stay open on the same WAN.