Sharp pain in heel when flexing foot

Posted on 10.07.2018 by Charmaine
Keep the front knee bent and the back leg straight, with the foot on the ground. Home care can help get rid of heel pain that is not severe. This small ligament that attaches the base of the heel to the muscles on the bottom of the foot can become very inflammed and painful. Place the foot that has the heel pain behind the other foot.

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Ask a doctor a question free online. Sit in a chair, hold the leg out straight, and flex and extend at the ankle joint. The pain is sharp and burning from the top of my big toe joint to tge bottom of my toenail.
Sharp pain in heel when flexing foot — photo 1
I have a sharp pain in my foot. Pull the hips forward toward the wall until you feel a stretch in the calf of the lower leg. It does seemed to have reduced in intensity since I last posted here though. Nope, no pain or discomfort at any other time other than when doing the above stretches. The tuning fork allows for a standard of pitch for musicians that is very reliable and accurate. Still present when doing the stretches, though not quite as bad.