What is the last scene of inception

Posted on 01.07.2018 by Pat
That means the kids grown up in the last scene. He spins it presumably out of habit, and then just walks off to his family. It is unclear weather everything worked out as planned, or if. What does the opening scene of Inception mean.
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It's just convenient to each his own ending. Could he still be in a dream if the top falls. Is there a syndrome where someone keeps having the same dream or continues their last dream. This old guy looks like Saito, the same guy who hires Cobb to plant the ide. The first Modern Love podcast is here.

You can check your reservation for the exact location and time of departure anytime online or from your smartphone, what is the last scene of inception.

What is the last scene of inception
And seriously, what the hell happened at the end of The Prestige. He looks weak and is taken by the men of the old guy, who then shares food with Cobb. What does the spinning top mean at the conclusion of Inception. There has been much controversy over the last scene of Inception in which Cobb returns home.