Funny joke to tell someone who is sick

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Did you hear about the man who got hit by the same bike every morning. We have many others great and funny jokes you can enjoy. DO say, Do you just need to vent.
She told him, I want you to run outside as fast as you can. What do you call a cow with two legs. To give you an idea of the kind of season we've had, the person who handled our side of the scoreboard was sick for three weeks and nobody noticed. Bus from Beaumont to Central De Autobuses, Juventino Rosas. Immediately the reader sees a contrast between the serene European setting and the chaotic and threatening African landscape described later. This is a warning for all those who dont have the stomach for it, dont read these jokes.

Could you handle them or did you get offended, tell me in the comment area.

Funny joke to tell someone who is sick
If your funny bone still needs tickling, here are the top jokes from comedy legends. A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, Here, iron this. Using dd this image can be transfered to a USB thumb drive which transforms the USB drive to a bootable Slackware installer.