Guitar tone control not working

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Sabine
Then move to the midrange control and do the same thing. Once you have achieved that, you can now begin to use your guitars tone controls to roll off treble as you require. Using the volume control will also, on some guitars, cut treble as well. I also added the blue wires in the picture.

Find a setting that sounds pleasing.

Guitar tone control not working — photo 2
It sounds great, but the tone control for the neck pickup isn't working. So you must learn to use the volume and tone controls together to achieve all the sounds you want and need remembering your amp is set to the most treble-y you will ever want your sound to be. This was my first attempt at installing new pickups in a guitar. Your volume control, your tone control, and your switches are a wealth of guitar sounds. The knowledge I gained from this experience was worth all the trouble. For more information about how to create a VAT Return, guitar tone control not working, please refer to our help article.
Guitar tone control not working
In this video I explain why you probably don't like it, why that's wrong and how to make the tone control work for you. Tone controls are extremely important for electric guitars. More songs with dotted eighth note sixteenth note patterns. I've checked all my connections for continuity with a meter, checked my wiring against the diagram supplied with the pickups, and everything checks out. I got it completely stock, as the guy I got it from who was new to playing only played it a few times and never knew the tone control didn't work.