How to read resistor colors

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Here is the table with the colors and numbers. I dont remember where I found it and Ive seen it in several locations so I dont know who to credit but I wanted to repost it here for everyone to make use of. Determination of resistance values by color lines H?i Bui Thanh. For five band resistors, the first three bands are the value digits, the fourth is the multiplier and the fifth is the tolerance.
How to read resistor colors — photo 1
Position the resistor with the gold or silver color band to the right. Instead, they are commonly marked with colored bands to indicate their resistive value. However it's your decision, nd I will show you all ways to calculate resistor value.
How to read resistor colors — photo 2
Change the colors to numbers as follows. How to read resistor color code. Since they are small and cylindrical, it would be difficult to print the resistance in a readable form on the cylindrical body.