Minecraft server lost connection lan

Posted on 26.06.2018 by Senaida
Hi, I am trying to connect to to a friends LAN server, we're in the same room and definately using the same connection and I still can't connect. Minecraft server connecting problem. They're saying it's a problem on Minecraft. O oyuna girmez ise sorun yok ama oyuna girince herkezi kickliyor.
Minecraft server lost connection lan — photo 2
You've lost connection to the server. How do you fix a Minecraft server lost connection error. This number will be different every time you open a new LAN connection, meaning you will have to give your partner the new port number whenever a new LAN server is created. If you want to access premium features you can purchase a Plex Pass plan. The x 's are your LAN server port number. He and anyone in his LAN can connect.
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