Odbc connection string sql server 2008r2

Posted on 29.06.2018 by Zandra
After you click connect, the database will open that will have some default tables, iews etc. Include DriverSQL Native Client. Trusted Connection Windows Authentication. We have multiple databases on the above mentioned sql server.

Which is where i want to connect to a specific.

Odbc connection string sql server 2008r2 — photo 1
Standard Security SQL Server Authentication. AlwaysOn Availability Groups AG. I have been using this connection string with no problem on a number of databases and MS operating systems. That is the instance that made of the server during installation. Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to create my connection string so that I can use current logged on account for authentication with my remote SQL server.
The users are asked if they trus. Ksi what IT is like to be black. Public static void mainString args. AttachDbFilenameDataDirectorymyDB. My SQL installations are basically all the same.