Access point router setup belkin

Posted on 26.06.2018 by Verdell
Connect the modem to your Belkin router using an Ethernet cable. Cable or DSL modem one that has a functional Internet connection when plugged directly. Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. The reset procedure is given below - Make sure the router is switched ON.

Although the routers are designed to get you up and running in no time configuration can be tricky if you havent done it before.

If you face any problem then please comment below. Where can i buy an unlocked iphone in new york. Verify that your Internet modem and Belkin router are disconnected from their power sources. Locate the reset buttoninside a hole at the back of the router. Router settings are in the administration panel. Setting up a Belkin router involves securing your network by configuring the router correctly.

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Power cycling the modem and router. If you're using a Mac computer, click here. How long do you think that would take.