What to do to help a stye in your eye

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Sharan
Keeping your eyelids and eyelashes clean is important. What Can I Do To Prevent Eye Styes. Ask a doctor a question free online.

A stye can be treated at home or by your healthcare provider.

They do not take a breath through their mouth like humans do but instead they breathe through their skin on the underside. The first thing you should do if you develop a stye is cleanse your eyelids. In some cases, you may need treatment with antibiotics to help it go away. If it does not, you should see your eye doctor for a complete eye exam to determine whether another eye problem, such as blepharitis, is causing the stye.
What to do to help a stye in your eye
A stye will often heal on its own within a couple days. Here, dermatologists explain why eye styes pop up and what you can do to find relief fast. Plus, how to lower your odds of dealing with one in the future. Sergio is a Aries and was born in the Year of the Rat.