Who would win batman or superman wiki

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An attempt at morale-boosting by Superman which followed Batman getting hit by a bullet ricocheting off Superman's invulnerable chest goes awry, leading to increased tensions between the superheroes. He is pretty much invincible, although that pesky kryptonite can surely ruin a good day for him. I was surfing through net when I got this answer- and it will be Batman for me and the reason is. It actually reminds me of what Dr.

The fight is broken up, and the two quickly become friends again.

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Who would win a fight between Aquaman or Superman. Why is Batman the only person Superman really fears. Who would win a fight between Black Panther and Superman. The Ultimate Question, who would in in a fight, Superman or Batman. In terms of popularity, though, who wins. I can suggest one, it is actually a photo studio that has the service you need. The answers here which say that Superman would win, bring up his superpowers, and all his abilities.

Remember, this is no rules, so batman can use ANY weapon in his aresenal.

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