How aerosols affect climate

Posted on 01.07.2018 by Kiera
The net impact of human activities, including greenhouse gases and aerosols, has been to warm the world's climate. The overall impact of aerosols on climate. Researchers have determined that aircraft contrails can prolong the presence of high altitude cirrus clouds while also decreasing the size of the ice crystals that make up the clouds.
Atmospheric aerosols are suspensions of liquid, solid, or mixed particles with highly variable chemical composition and size. Many observational studies have quantied local radiative effects from anthropogenic and natural aerosols, but determining their. The first is the volcanic aerosol layer which forms in the stratosphere after major volcanic eruptions like Mt. For more information, contact your carrier. BC is the most important of the latter, but mineral dust and some OC types are also solar absorbers.

In the atmosphere there is a mixture of scattering and absorbing aerosols, and the degree of scattering.

Aerosols which mainly scatter solar radiation have a cooling effect, by enhancing the total reflected solar radiation from the Earth. How aerosols affect the climate. Aerosol-radiation interactions. Watch Jim explain on YouTube or read the transcript.