What does neon tetra eggs look like

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Paige
Gnat eggs look like itsy bitsy balls that remind someone of a jellylike substance and are clearish with a hint of beige. What does a colombian tetra look like when laden with eggs. How Can I Tell if a Neon Tetra is Pregnant.
They are adhesive so are usually found sticking to something. I've had lots of neon tetras before, and they always get really fat when they are pregnant, so that's normal. Or logic is more reliable Only one switch from two can turn on the light So we need to connect parallel to each other. Best observed with a good magnification device. What do pregnant glow-light tetras look like.
You can create a fancy braid or a simple braid. My neon tetra looks like she is about to burst from her stomach. The lead sheet is one of the simplest forms of sheet music. The best choice would be to leave him in the tank, as tetras are schooling fish and prefer to be with others. Female neons that are ready to lay eggs will be a lot fatter than the other neons. You may find some in your tank if they dont get eaten.