Asteridex install

Posted on 04.07.2018 by Tonie
I was trying to re-install some of the modules that were reporting as unsigned and wanted a reinstall. So I went into module admin and selected remove as the action to perform. Users table but asteridex uses 'out' instead of 'extension' for numbers. For installation instructions and all further details, read on at nerdvittles.
When i click on the name with a web browser a blank window open up. I tried modifying your script to use asteridex. Echo Asteridex PoC Exploit callboth. What would I need to tweak to your instructions so it pulls through contacts from Asteridex instead of Asterisk. I have tried going back into module admin and checking only and the just dont show up. Now I lost the module asteridex and reminders and I cant see how to re-install these modules.
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