How can i transfer my phone contacts to gmail

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Chan
How to Backup Android Contacts to Gmail. However, there was no automatic syncing when I opened my Contacts app. How Can I Add My Phone Number to My Google Account. To do this, go to the Android Settings app, tap Google Services, then tap Restore Contacts.

If you dont have a Gmail account on your mobile, you need to export contacts from Gmail to PC and then make use of the phone manager to transfer contacts to your Android.

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Gmail Customer Service Number Usa is a simple yet convenient way to transfer all your contacts from one source to another. You can also find particular contacts and your email history with those people by using Gmail's search bar. Do you have all you sync settings in 'Accounts' turned on for your Google account. If you do not know how to do, just go with the steps below. For iPhone users, you can click to learn the details about transferring Gmail Contacts to iPhone. Backing up contacts from Android phone to Gmail is also a tendency now - more and more users like to backup their Android contacts by using this way.