Pacifidlog town ruby how to get there

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Can someone give me a quick walk-through or tell me how to get to these locations. You must also have the Mach Bike and a Pokemon that knows Surf, but, considering you must have beaten the Pokemon League, this shouldn't be a problem. Com Categories Entertainment Arts Toys Pokemon Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald How To Get To Pacifidlog Town.
To get past the first floor, go clockwise around the center. Team Galactic seems in Stark Mountain under the command of Charon, who seeks to use the destructive energy of the volcano to extort cash from the folks of Sinnoh. In Pokemon Emerald a man will trade a horsea for a bagon. Beat the Elite Four and the champion of the Pokemon League. An ordinary town in Hoenn, Pacifidlog town does have a few noteworthy stuff. Enter the cave, travel up the steps, and you be at Sky Pillar.
You surf there, start from the town where you catch Groudon. The people here tell many legends, of a dragon that never needs to rest. Travel through the two or three turns, and you will arrive at a small island. I had followed some bad advice in the past and really wanted to come clean with immigration authorities.